Writings by SGI President Ikeda

Daisaku Ikeda Lectures and writes widely on ways of applying the practical wisdom of Mahayana Buddhism as a philosophy of empowerment and compassion in today’s world. His commentaries on the teachings of the 13th– century Japanese priest Nichiren and the Lotus Sutra of Shakyamuni Buddha provide inspiration to SGI members worldwide.

Daisaku Ikea with his wife Kaneko Ikeda

Daisaku Ikea with his wife Kaneko Ikeda

A selection of excerpts from the writings of SGI President Daisaku Ikeda on the history of Buddhism, Buddhist practice and philosophy

Aiming to build mutual understanding and seek solutions to the common problems facing humanity, Ikeda has met and engaged in dialogue with leading thinkers including Mikhail Gorbachev, economist J.K. Galbraith, peace activist Joseph Rotblat, futurist Hazel Henderson, environmentalist Wangari Maathai, champion of human rights Adolfo Perez Esquivel and Indonesian Muslim leader Abdurrahman Wahid.

Some 60 of Ikeda’s dialogues have been published in book form. Choose Life, his dialogue with British historian Arnold Toynbee, with whom he first met in 1972, has been published in 28 languages.

Buddhism- our belief

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