Discussion Meetings

SGI members carry out their daily practice at home, but also meet regularly with other members in their communities. The discussion meeting tradition dates back to the earliest days of the Soka Gakkai’s history in prewar Japan, and serves as the focal point for members to study Buddhist principles and how to apply them in everyday life.

SGI discussion meetings are usually held on a monthly basis, and the vast majority are held in the homes of members who make them available for this purpose. They give people the opportunity to develop the kind of relationships that are increasingly rare in contemporary urban environments where people may live for years as neighbours without developing any personal connection.

Discussion meetings

Discussion meetings

The sharing of faith experiences – the transformation in people’s lives realised through Buddhist practice – is a central element of discussion meetings. There is perhaps nothing more heartening for people struggling with problems than the example of others who have successfully confronted and overcome their own challenges.

SGI members are encouraged to employ their Buddhist practice to squarely confront and overcome the specific challenges of their daily lives. Through this process, one is able to appreciate and manifest the profound potential of one’s life. Buddhist practice is also a means to realise and unfold one’s unique life purpose.

SGI members believe that such a process of inner spiritual transformation not only leads to individual empowerment and constructive action, but is ultimately the surest way to direct humankind’s energies toward creating a peaceful, just and sustainable world. More..

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